The best way that I could describe receiving bodywork from Juliann is like that time you went to a small club and heard a brilliant musician just a year before they wound up selling out the Fillmore.  Simply put, she is a highly skilled artist who is now coming into a deeper level of mastery.
When Juliann works on my body, I feel like she’s having a conversation with part of me that speaks a language that I don’t understand.  I feel space being created where there was none before.  In her hands, I feel memories and feelings being released that I didn’t know I had, and not from lack of curiosity on my part.
I’ve already recommended Julian to most of my friends with a serious physical or spiritual practice, be it yoga, meditation, or martial arts.  Working with her has clearly accelerated the growth of my practice.” 
~ Andrew H.

I have been getting body work from Juliann for years and she is flat-out amazing. She is incredibly intuitive, somehow sensing exactly what my body needs, where and how much. I went to see her last night after a week of terrible stomach troubles that left my back a wreck. I intended to ask her to give me a much more gentle massage than usual, but I forgot and I’m so glad I did. I woke up this morning feeling like a whole new person, back and tummy in alignment and happy.
Juliann is a reiki practitioner and I confess I am not a believer but I do know that whatever she does works wonders. 
~ Lisa S.

“Let me tell you a story about when I went to Juliann for a massage. I just needed to de-stress. But in the middle of massaging my feet, she did something that hurt and I said ouch. She asked, have you been having stomach problems? I admitted that yes I had been struggling with gluten intolerance and how did she know to ask that? She explained that the part of my foot she had touched was my stomach meridian. She then proceeded to do some Reiki on my stomach, which made it gurgle. Wild! I wasn’t really a believer in reiki, but after that one session, no more stomach issues, and PS, now I can eat gluten again. Best. Massage. Ever. Juliann is a remarkably talented intuitive healer. Strong recommend.”
~ Catherine O.
Wow! This was a fantastic experience! One of the most attentive and detailed massages I’ve had, hands down. Pun intended 😉

From head to toe, every part of my body was cared for. Most massages I’ve had before always felt a little too general. But when Juliann works on you, your body and your energy will both shift, and will generate more awareness in your body. In my first session, I left feeling more open, both physically and emotionally.

Book. A. Session.

~ Jaki L. 
Juliann is a talented practitioner and a warm and wonderful person. Unlike most other massage therapists I’ve been to, she is truly serious about addressing both the mind and body, and connecting her practice to whatever is going on in your life. Instead of being like “Let’s get those kinks out of your shoulders,” she’s all like, “Let’s help you work through your shit.” I’m sure she could really go to town on your shoulders too if that’s all you wanted; my point is that she can do a lot more than that. Her space is warm, comfortable, and cute, and her rates are totally reasonable. Highly recommended – especially the reiki!
~Crash O. 
If you are looking for an amazing massage and maybe some modern day inspiration, this is definitely your stop.  Juliann is positive, vibrant, knowledgeable, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I’ve been to at least a dozen massage therapists over the years, and Juliann is definitely one of my top picks. Anyone suffering from RSI or chronic pain would also probably benefit from Juliann’s work, as her work can be deep and specific. (I’d also recommend Dr. John Sarno’s books to anyone suffering from RSI or chronic pain; along with the benefit of Juliann’s healing massages, the books may end up having a seriously positive effect on your life.)
~ Michelle R. 

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