Yogic Eats

spagettisquashWowza… yogic food. Confusing, yeah? Ayurvedic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Metabolic… the list goes ON!

So, you are looking for a diet that is going to bring you amazing health, fast. You see all of these di1616435_10202390084569884_1355818001_nets on line and what happens? You freak out and run to McDs for some comfort fries.

Here is the key to a yogic diet…. everything in moderation. Seriously, ANYTHING. In. Moderation.



Keys to a yogic diet made simple…

  • Be colorful!
  • Buy organic or local
  • Enjoy the preparation process
  • Learn your spices
  • Use a sharp knife

Not simple enough? Call Off Beat Yoga! We will not only cook yummy yogic meals for you, we will even do the grocery shopping.

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