Organization for your home and office

A tidy harmonious house is a powerful step in creating and sustaining inner peace.

Closet Cleanse

Cleaning out your closet can be overwhelming. Together we will make it fun, easy and concise. Firstly, we’ll go through all your garments and decide what to keep and what to donate. We will then sort the closet any way you like; by color, by outfit or by item type(shirts, skirts, pants, etc…) I promise at the end of this adventure you will have more room and more time to shop for the key items that will help you stand proud and tall.

Kitchen Cleanse

It’s a challenge to cook healthfully in a cluttered, unorganized kitchen. One of the first steps to healthy eating is to be sure your kitchen is clean and ready to cook nutrient dense food in.

  • We will go through cupboards and drawers. We will get rid of what is not needed and learn about what is needed but unused.
  • We will pair your containers with lids.
  • We will sort your spices and add some new life to your spice rack.
  • We will arrange pots and pans with lids based on ease of availability

Home Cleanse 

Have too much stuff laying around? A common pattern people have is keeping things someone gave them even though they don’t have a place or a need for it. Placement is as important as beauty when making the energy of a home feel vibrant. When the energy in a home gets stagnant, there is always a feeling that something is “off”. We may feel tired, but not able to go to sleep. Maybe you are hungry, but not willing to make a healthful meal. Maybe you find yourself on the couch, night after night, wanting to make a change, but feeling weighted to the spot, remote in hand. This cleanse is a great way to start any new adventure in your life.

  • We will create space by rearranging the items in your home; allowing a better flow of energy throughout.
  • We will get rid of things which don’t have at least 2 of these three things: Purpose, Beauty or Sentimentality.

3 Hours (minimum): $90
Additional hours: $30

I’m ready to do this!