Private Yoga

OMYoga has traditionally been taught one-on-one. When the teacher is completely focused on the student, the real magic happens. This style of teaching eliminates the egos need to compare to other people setting the mind up for success by totally focusing on the objective at hand, whether be this physical, mental or spiritual in nature.

Often, private classes, move at a more gentle pace. Deepening the postures so you receive the full benefit of the pose. Also, it lowers the odds of injury and burnout significantly.

People are conditioned to believe the faster they move the quicker and better the results. This is a myth. Moving with awareness–guided by a teacher–allows better results. The expression, “It’s not quantity, its quality,” is the perfect analogy for any yoga practice.

Another benefit of private lessons is freedom. Freedom to choose your schedule.

75 min – $75
Additional minutes: $1.00

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