Neha Sangwan – The Communication Cure

Communication is so much more than two people talking to each other. Communication starts in the hearing, how you receive the words being spoken, how your mind processes what was said and how much empathy you can bring to the moment. Followed by the abilty to resend in kind, speaking your thoughts from your vantage point.

So often in our busy culture, we are so involved in thinking about what we are going to share in return that we don’t truly LISTEN to what the other person is expressing. Paying attention to body language, tone and emphasis on words are all parts of listening.

In this talk, Dr. Neha shares her experiences of being a doctor in a busy hospital , her communication with other cultures and how her listening to her patients moved her onto a whole new career path.

Learn more of Dr. Neha Sangwans philosophy and find yourself communicating with an authenticity that will change your life, your health and your experience of the world.


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