VC006-Om_Symbol_Vinyl_CutoutWhere will the session take place? True to the name, Off Beat Yoga, we will meet you any place around town you like. Be it the beach, the park, your home, your hotel, pool side, lake side, up side, down side… its up to you!

If you have never practiced outside… highly recommend!

If you are curious to hear how other yogis feel about practicing outside, check out “Why We Do Yoga Ouside“, by Jessie Delmar.


Why small classes?

Here at Off Beat Yoga, the intention is to bring yoga to the masses AND have fun with it. At the same time, doing the poses properly creates a lot more fun over time. The residual physical, mental and emotional affects of getting into a pose (asana) correctly, can last for DAYS. Not kidding.

Keeping only so many students per teacher allows for the fullest benefit. Trust me, when you get into the pose just right? Endorphins for days! Its called Yoga High. Its awesome.

How much space do I need in my home/office/hotel? VC006-Om_Symbol_Vinyl_Cutout

Virtually any space in your home or office can work for a yoga class. Requirements include ample space for you and your mat and access to an outlet. If you do not have space, dont forget the great outdoors!


I have injuries, can I still practice yoga?

Yoga is for everyone. The benefit of private sessions is getting to work with an experienced teacher to help: break up scar tissue, strengthen and elongate the muscles surrounding the injury as well as gently work a muscle that might have atrophied with disuse.


What do I need to have available? 

Its always nice to have your own mat–especially if you tend to sweat. However, your instructor will have up to 3 mats and varies props with her for your class.

(for classes of 3 or more, please BYOM)

VC006-Om_Symbol_Vinyl_CutoutPreparation for class

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely; yoga apparel is not necessary. Although yoga is done typically in bare feet it is good to bring a pair of socks to keep feet warm during relaxation. As with any good exercise, its best to drink plenty of water throughout the day and have a light snack 1-2 hours before class and bring a bottle of water to class. If recovering or under a doctor’s care, it’s always advisable to first consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise including yoga.