You Gotta Learn to Dance Before You Learn to Crawl


You gotta learn to dance...I love to find the harmonious order in the chaos of nature. When seemingly separate events coalesce to bring clarifying answers in the moment there is a deep exhale in myself that reminds me that what I do not see–yet have faith in–has faith in me too. Some call this God. I call it Source, the Universe, the Unborn AND God.

When have I NOT been enthralled by the shadow AND the light? Ive studied these seeming dualities, figuratively, congitively and physically for as long as I can remember.

I giggled today when looking back on today in FB and found each post, going back to 2009, shared a similar message. Each message supporting the unanswered questions in my mind and heart right NOW.

*7/30/2011: “This [New] Moon is an invitation to make certain that the relationships and friendships we are in support positive transformation, personal breakthrough, and cathartic healing. We can expect a lot of potent triggers with our beloveds and with each person we meet these days, a messenger, an angel, a shamanic reflector. But we must also make sure to crush the shadow-projector seething within us.” ~ VerDarLuz

(tomorrow is a Full Moon–a Full Blue Super Moon actually. Still, the words so resonate with me in this moment. Especially with Venus in retrograde, dealing with relationships)

Of course, Having made this observation, I was shared some wisdom…

*7/30/2009: “No matter how free you feel from these shadow energies, they exist inside you. If they didn’t, you would be in a state of total freedom, joy, and unboundedness. You would be in unity, the state of innocence regained when the hidden energy of the shadow has been purified.

Today you can begin to learn how to feel your way into the shadow. Shadow energies make themselves known whenever you can’t talk about your feelings. You feel out of control. You feel a flash of panic or dread. You want to feel strongly, but your mind goes blank. You have an irrational dislike for someone, and other such responses.

What they have in common is that a boundary is crossed – a controlled situation turns unexpectedly anxious or causes unexpected anger or dread. The next time you experience this, watch and see if you feel guilty or ashamed of yourself afterward; if so, then you have touched, however briefly, on the shadow.” ~ adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).

AND finally accumulating by my answering my own qestions as shared here…

*7/30/2014: 1) Gratitude is the most important ingredient in making life extraordinary.
2) Inquiry is the first place to go when you are blaming someone else for how you feel. Where can you find that same trait in yourself? Cause if you can see it in another, its mirrored someplace in you. The deeper and more honest the inquiry, the faster you can get back to a balanced emotional state of being. I’ve done that 3xs today alone. As soon as I saw where someone’s behavior mirrored something in me, I was able to come from compassion and support. Owning your shit is ALWAYS a win-win. 3) Clouds are medicine.

Keep the eyes of the mind and the heart open in this time, sweethearts. There are so many messges coming to you now.


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