An Analogy of Empaths and Narccisists



Empaths are feelers, we constantly feel the world around us, assimilate it in our minds/bodies and desire others to know the awareness that came of that deeper awareness of Self. These habits could be labeled narcissistic traits. We ALL have some narcissism in us, we all have egos.

Empaths are always FULL. We are full, not only by our own lives and emotions; we are FULL with everyone else’s bullshit too! AND we are assimilating that as well. Its just the way our nervous system works. Its a good thing, when we can manage our gift to the world wisely.

Empaths are like rocks in a desert. We absorb the suns heat and get really really hot. If we don’t release that heat somehow, we will crack.

Narcissists are voids. They don’t have the ability to really feel… anything. They seem like they feel, but really? They don’t. Narcissists are mirrors. They reflect the suns heat (life) at anybody that is willing to take in that heat.

Enter the Empath.

So, now Im going to change Empaths into water (love, compassion, understanding) and Narcissists into wells (a deep empty hole). Empaths need a place to put our water, or the damn will burst, the river will flood. We HAVE to put our water someplace!

Enter the Narcissist.

What we see is a well that needs filling. So we come right over to that well and what do we find? A clear glass lid is covering the well. We cant put our water into it!

But, you know, the glass seems thin enough. I mean, we are EMPATHS, whats a little glass in the way of sharing all the love and joy of this world? Maybe we even broke through someone else’s glass and got a place to put our water (love).

We need our fix! We need a place to put our overflow! AND… Its just beyound, this glass lid!!

So we start to dig. AND dig. AND DIG. We put all of our love, our tools, our soul into breaking the glass lid. Our fingers start to bloody, eventually all that is left are stumps that were our hands.

By then, we are catching on… this glass might not break. So, we look down at the glass, feeling rather broken, and what do we see?

The mirror. We see the bloody stumps that used to be our hands, we see our tangled hair, we see our eyes, pink marshmallows from crying out so much and so long, “Can you see me? Can you hear me? I only want to love you! Im safe, I promise, LET ME IN!”

We have become them. AND then, if we are smart, we walk away. We start to dump all those buckets of water we had kept stored to pour down that well onto our own heads. Our hands grow back, our spirits slowly heal.

If you are an Empath, I urge you to read this article… Loving and Understanding an Empath


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