An Ode to the Dark


Shadow of the Feminine The dark side has gotten a bad rap. I used to believe that my dark side was the one that created the messes I have found myself in. But today, I know that is not true.

It was my dark side that carried me through them. She was the one holding my hand, giving me the power, when I, as a skinny little child, would face my father when he turned violent. It was she that I found comfort in during the times when I used alcohol to numb out my fear of living fully. It was she that rocked me to sleep at night when I found myself in the bed of a man that held anger as his armor against love. It was she that faced that man and insisted on loving him anyway, even when that anger was turned on me.

Having come to the place in my life where the light of me and the dark of me have become one, working together to create this amazing being called Juliann, I smile at her and I know… I am never alone. I am never with out the power of choice. I am Whole.

My favorite form of light is when the moon is shining on the dark waters at night. I have been called on more then one occasion, Reflected Light. It is my dark side that reflects the Divinity within you.

New moon risingHaving become one with my dark side, I have found within me the power to ask for my needs to be met. I have found the strength to go after what I want. I have given myself permission to act on the wild urges of my soul in a healthy way. The most treasured thing about the relationship I have with my dark side is this…

I have the ability to be in the dark with others as they transverse their own path to wholeness.

“I want to know if you can sit with pain mine or your own without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.” ~ Oriah Mountian Dreamer “The Invitation”

I am here and I love you.


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