IMG_2312Im not one for splitting the difference of good and bad, love or hate. I really only know how I want to feel through out the majority of my body in any given moment. The words I choose to use to describe how I like to feel are Peace and Pleasure.

Today I feel sad, I am in pain (physical), there is a wee egoic bug nibbling at me trying to say I am NOT enough (Im not choosing to believe it) and I am feeling dumbfounded around this bombing that happened in Boston.

I simply cannot understand the mechanism of that kind of mind, even as I have had it my very presence and I know that I, as do you, have the ability to cause harm, though it lies gratefully latent in many of us. I cannot help but imagine the people that do these kinds things as more then wounded children…w/ bombs.

I am one that believes that this planet we call Earth was created so that we could experience ourselves as individuated parts of the whole. In that, if there was no experience of extreme pain, we wouldnt not be able to experience the extreme awe, gratitude and pleasure offered to us in every moment in contrast. I do not know that that belief is actually true. Maybe its just a belief to justify the pain of this world. Refections

Today I am grateful for the amazing sunrise, the ability to sit with my coffee in the sunshine on the deck of my friends home who so kindly offered me a place to lay my head. I am grateful as I look over this amazing city that I live in and see life going on as usual, the cars, the buses, the people biking to work in their way.

AND I say… I have no idea why people do these kinds of things, but I am grateful that I, knowing all too well the kind of anguish that creates the kind of pain that can cause people to blow things up, that I choose a different path.

Today I choose to be the love I want to see in the world.



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