Paying attention to the Signs (Building Intuition)…

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Yerba-MateThis morning, like every morning, I asked my body if it wanted Yerba Matte or Coffee as its AM ritual (rd: caffeine, facebook, sunrise…in that order). It said, “Yerba Matte.” My mind said, “Coffee.”

AND I, ever true to the pattern that always gets set up after I’ve had coffee too many mornings in a row, was on my way to the coffee. I know full well that the chances of my having coffee 3 days in a row without effect is slim to none. Yet, I always ask myself, “Will today be different?” No, it wont be, just like it hasn’t been all the other million times I’ve ignored my intuition on this subject. To have coffee on a day that my body says, “Tea” is simply a bad idea.

So, I’m standing in the kitchen set to prepare my  acidic brew when… Surprise! I cannot find the filters. Now, I have an eidetic memory, though it can be a little spotty in my old age ;). In this case, it was working… Yippee! I saw exactly where I put the filters. So I went there and I STILL couldn’t find the filters.

“The Universe is conspiring in your favor.” ~ Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

This– in many people– would piss them off. People get pissy over the most interesting things, like wee bits of paper shaped like ice cream cones lost too early in the AM.  I however, thanks to my trust in things Unseen, laughed and said, “Fine. I’ll have tea. I want those filters back though. You. Little. Shits.”

I reach into the cupboard where my Yerba Matte is and… Yep, you guessed it… there are the filters. In the same place I had looked 3xs.

You really cannot refute that kind of assistance. Call it magical thinking if you must, but I rather enjoy finding joy in the little things rather then making a big ol’ shit about nothing. AND I didn’t get the acidic coffee jitters, like always happens when I’ve had coffee too many days in a row.  Thank you, Universe and the Fey for co-creating a happy body with me!

The more you trust the signs, even when you are so NOT listening to your own intuition, the more you train yourself to follow it. 


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