FInding Joy in Every Aspect of Life

Information, Inspiration

Durning a recent move, while I was packing my closet, I had a moment of sadness as I was remembering that just a month ago, I was UNpacking the closet.I had been so happy to have a closet again after nearly 8 months of living out of suitcases.

AND then the realization dawned on me… I was enjoying packing that day. It was a perfect day of solitude, music and daydream time. It was meditation in movement. My OCD of organizing things was blissing out big time.

In the short time I lived in the apartment I was moving out of  I had cleared some major mental muddles. I was (and a few months later, still am) feeling creative, inspired, manifestive and clear about my journey. AND I was going to friends who WANT to see me flourish. They support me 100% in being the most amazing me I can be. AND I get to support them too, by BEing the most amazing me I can be.

That moment of sadness, as I was packing the closet, past quickly as I came to the present moment. The moment where I was feeling happy to be doing exactly what I was doing. The moment where I was grateful for all that transpired in this place I was leaving. The moment where I could appreciate the joy I had felt when I first put all my clothes into the closet AND the joy I was feeling as I packed the closet up.

This place was exactly what I needed for the time that I was there and now, it no longer served my growth. Another reason for gratitude that came to me was this… I had finally  learned to receive a lesson and GET-THE-FLOCK-OUT when the lesson was complete. You see, I am a growth bunny, as I like to call it. This addiction to growth used to keep me locked in unhealthy situations LONG after I had wrung every bit of possible personal growth out of it. I’m sure many of you spirit junkies can totally relate to that!

In that moment, as I packed, I also got to totally enjoy (in memory) when I had first moved in and filled the closet. I had enjoyed having my won room and my own bed (I have a wicked awesome bed). I had loved the location of my space and my time in it. AND now, it was time to leave. It was time to move forward into a new way of being with the world.

The day I packed that closet, after only a month of living there, I left with a wealth of understanding as my foundation. There was no sadness, only a joyful anticipation of what I was going to create, what I already had created and the clarity of awareness that each moment, whether it be packing or unpacking some part of life, is a gift.

I am reminded of this quote…

“This is a day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” ~ Psalm 118:24

Of course, my Non-dual, Zen Buddhist self would translate that as this…

“I woke up and choose to breathe and participate in this journey called, Life, on this planet called, Earth. Why not experience every moment as pleasure while I am about it?” ~ Juliann 11:11


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