Strangers on the Bus, Light is Everywhere


Today, I was sitting across from a young woman with some kind of mental disability. She was looking at me intently so I smiled at her and went back to trying to beat MItch at Words with Friends.

Suddenly I hear…

Her: “Hello? Hello?” I look up and, in fact, she was speaking to me. “How are you today?” she asked.

Me: “I’m doing pretty well. How are you today?”

Her: “Im Ok. You are really pretty.”

Me: “Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I am not feeling very pretty today.”

Her: “Really? How is that possible?”

Me: “Our eyes have a very similar shape.”

Her: “Really? My eyes are very red right now from smoking too much.”

Me: “They are pretty.”

AND then, she just had to kind of think about that.

I then gave my seat to a woman with an infant. I found myself standing next to a man in a wheel chair wearing a tiger hat (yep, ears and all, not odd for San Francisco.) I said, “I really like your hat!”

He responded as if I had just handed a $100 bill. “Really? Thank you so much!”

We both got off the bus at that stop. It was a full bus and I had to kinda push to get off. When I finally stepped off the back of the bus he was already being lowered down. He was still looking at me as if I had jut given him the keys to the city. So I smiled and waved goodbye. He waved back, still smiling as well.

What did I get today in my bus ride? I got that we all just want to be seen, loved and accepted for who we are. Its super important to tell people that, even strangers on the bus.

I know I need to hear it often. I used to think that was somehow needy, lacking in self-esteem to be told over and over again that I matter. The truth is, for me, it is a need. It is also a resource, because I do a really god job of telling people that all the time. Why they matter to me.

You all matter to me. Thank you for the unique You-ness that you bring to my life. I am blessed.


4 thoughts on “Strangers on the Bus, Light is Everywhere

  1. As someone who was told that they were pretty on the bus by a total stranger today, I totally agree with your post. It was totally unexpected but it made my day!

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