Manifestation of Being

Inspiration, Poetry

Manifestation. A magical aspect of Being. That place of Being. Not. Yet. Physical. There is the knowing vibrating the cells of my body. Musical notes. Wind chimes made of glass.I hold a small bird in my open palm, close to my heart.


The wings expand, downy feathers of infancy transform into powerful wings. Flight. This moment holds ALL of it. In this Now, manifestation is a poem. This poem. Gently it grows. Taking new shape. Holding new spaciousness. I know not what form this manifestation will come to be. Today, It is this poem.


One thought on “Manifestation of Being

  1. Reblogged this on Juliann Collins ~ Soul Soliloquy and commented:

    Going through older blog posts, laughing at what has changed. What is still true, what never was true, parts that were magical thinking, pieces that were arrogant. Its all good information to inform my present being. Who has none less the magical qualities and yet is tempered with the logic. Good Morning!

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