“The Order of Nature is Chaos”


When I was living in Hawaii, a friend took me to a sacred place on the island of Oahu. It is called a Hui-ae, considered to be a place where the masculine and feminine meet on the Aina (the land), overlapping lay lines that create a vortex of healing energy. As I stood there gazing at this place, I realized that I had dreamt of that very spot a few nights previous. The morning after the dream I had woken up knowing the spot had power. Since I had no understanding of what I had seen, I forgot about it.

I am a believer in things unseen. I believe in a lot of things that most people consider impossible, improbable or just plain idiotic. Yet, within me there is the skeptic’s mind of “prove it” that I consider a healthy balance to my leanings. So, it was a bit wild to be standing in front of this sacred place, seeing with my own eyes the place I had dreamt about. It was like looking at a picture.

Naturally, I was hoping for some deep healing experience, a Great Spirit to share a message or some other miraculous answer to the Zen koan that is my life. What I got was much subtler.

Oh, for the days when I sought out and experienced heady, bliss body spiritual experiences!! I miss you…Not. At. All. No, these days I prefer the messages that come from simply paying attention to the subtle messages that the Universe shares with us in every moment. I no longer need screaming voices to hear. Im awake, Im paying attention.

As a strolled around this sacred place, I felt the connection. Emotion was running through me like a gentle stream. I saw a rock that looked exactly like a bear, so much so that I had to look twice. Bear is all about stillness, connecting to the feminine and healing. I sat with the bear/rock for a while, listening quietly to see if it had anything to share other then its presence. No voices, just the stillness. I took some flowers I had brought to pay homage, placing them around the Hui-ae in gratitude and devotion to this place where the masculine and the feminine meet.

We made our way down to the healing water pools. Such BEAUTY! These water pools are lava rock on the edge of the Ocean. Looking out to the Ocean the view is breathtaking. There are two small islands there, Rabbit Island and Turtle Island. As the waves crashed into the islands huge gushers of white rose into the air. It’s so fierce. 

How does water get to be that color green/blue? The caps of the huge waves are a shade white that can only make one think of purification. The waves break early in tall rolls of white foam, but as they near the lava pools they soften as if they are gently collecting the love of the land and carrying it out to the Ocean King.

I found my way to a clear sandy-bottomed pool, about a foot deep, and sat down. I sat in empty silence as the waves came in and out, rocking me like a baby. Matching my breathe to the waves I watched the beauty before me.

The woman I had come with, a Kahuna, said she had watched me pick the pool I would settle in. She shared that that pool I choose was interesting, as people have claimed to hear the mermaids singing there. Mermaids are a creature I resonate with very much. If you know me at all you have heard me say, “I’m really more of a Mermaid then a Tree Nymph.” While I heard no mermaids singing on this day I felt the Aina and its surrounding Ocean welcoming me as part of its own.  I had the scent of Plumaria on the wind, even though there was no plumaria on this side of the island. I felt this to be a gift from the Mer-people. A watery lei of welcome. 

The life that lives within the rocks is mesmerizing to me. So many kinds of fish, crab, anemone, and snails live in these places. Some of the pools were not more then 6 inches across.

They live on the edge of an ocean so vast that it would take a million lifetimes to explore it, yet they choose to live in this small pool. The snails, in their beautiful shells, sitting there day in and day out with the waves washing over them bringing them the food they need to survive. The crabs, blending so well with the black rock that you don’t even see them until they move. The beautiful fish and eel, living in their watery home among the pools as I sat, watching the their life on this small bit of ancient lava rock. I could feel the natural order of chaos, balance.

I’ve been coming across many things in my reading lately speaking to how nature is chaotic and in that there is balance. I always love how the reading that finds its way to me so often carries messages of the experience I am having in the moment. It is through chaos that nature maintains balance.

As I sat with these rocks, on this Aina that is Hawaii, a volcano, after all, I can feel the natural chaos of things. It brings me stillness. Watching all this life around me in a small rock formation on the edge of a massive ocean I feel the stillness and order of nature. Its like getting to the very core of chaos itself and seeing there the grand balance.

More then 2-years later, I feel as if this initiation is fully ripened in my Self. I am less affected by what is happening around me and feel more and more enabled to assist in Natures chaotic unfolding of Order. I am that small still place of chaos. The eye of the storm. I am Nature unfolding. I am.



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