The Shadow and the Healer

Information, Inspiration

Reversed RelfectionI was speaking to a client  recently. I was sharing a story of my own travels through alcohol abuse when she said to me, “So, you healer chics aren’t perfect after all.” I responded with this, “If you meet a healer that says they have nothing left to learn or have not had addictions in their life, you haven’t met a healer.”

A lot of the wisdom I store in my brain as knowledge comes directly from what Ive learned as I transverse my shadows. The shadow, is that part of yourself that you don’t really like to look at, the parts that you would rather hide from both yourself and others. However, as Jung says…

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Jung

As we become more and more conscious, our shadow elements begin to come more fully into the light. These elements then have the possibility to become tools for our journey. I so loved finding this quote…

“Taking it in its deepest sense, shadow is that invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him. Carefully amputated it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries. Only monkeys parade with it.” ~Jung

In being a well-rounded human, it is so important to honor our shadow. To be complete, is to accept the entirety of yourself: the good, the bad and the perceived ugly. When we can hold space for the shadow in ourselves, it has the opportunity to become our treasure. As we come to know ourselves as complete we can then access the deeper wisdom that doesn’t come from knowledge of the mind.

This wisdom, is what is known in the Buddhist tradition as Pranja. Heart wisdom. It is through clearing the channel (bringing shadow to light) that we learn to develop this essential abilty in ourselves. It could also be called our intuitional promptings. In my experience, it is what comes after we listen to our intuitional voice.

I often find myself speaking through prajna after my intuition has led me to it. When a client asks something I am not sure how to response to, I will go into that quite space and allow my intuition to guide me to the right words to share.

While it might seem that prajna is an aspect of light, while knowledge learned is an aspect of shadow, I feel that at some point, both come from both equally. For me, this is the heart of Unified awareness.

Most of us got here by following the dark road. I myself go there by following the dark liqueurs. Its NOT a path I suggest, its expensive and it causes a LOT pain. A friend asked once, a long time ago, “How did you get to be so wise? You must have done a lot of asana and meditation.”

Yes, I have done a ton of asana and meditation. AND the response I gave was this…”Most of my wisdom, if I want to give credit to the proper aspects, came from the bottom of a whiskey bottle. I do NOT suggest this as a path to awakening, but I was so shut down and walled up that the only way God could get through to me was when I was completely broken, usually during a hangover.”

I am super duper happy to say that I no longer need my boyfriends, as I affectionately call them: Jack [Daniels], Jim [Beam] or James[on] to learn from anymore. AND they are as beloved to me as the men I have been in relationship with. They taught me a lot, but I gained a lot of knowledge when I was able to divorce them as well.

Be well in your Shadow. Allow it to guide you home, to the healer of your heart.


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