The Natural Process…


I’ve just come back from spending the last 2 days floating, swimming and basking along the Yuba River near Nevada City, CA.  I have a hard time believing that there is anything in the world so beautiful as this place, even as I have been blessed to witness so many amazing scenes from Nature in my time on this planet.
The first place we spent time is called, Oak Tree, named such for the oak tree that sits on the bank. I found myself feeling unbalanced as we made our way down the steep path to our river spot. Generally, out in nature, I fairly easily find my connection to it. In that, within a matter of minutes, I find my way through any terrain with relative ease. I intuitively find that I know where the right next step is and I trust my core to find the balance as I make my way up, over, around and down any terrain. This day was not one of them.

When we got to our spot I stripped off and dove into the water.  Soon I found a rock that called my name. I settled onto it and began looking within for my connection to it. I couldn’t quite get there. So I asked, “Why am I having a hard time here?” The response came slowly. I had to work to let my nervous system let go so that I could fully receive the strong, silent knowing of this rock.  Then I heard the rock speak…

“You are not living in harmony with Nature.”

Well, that is true enough. So I asked, “What do I need to do to realign myself with Nature?”

Again, the answer came, “Though chaotic, Nature is always in perfect balance.” This reminded me of the message the lava rock between the Ocean and the Land in Hawaii had shared with me, “The Order of Nature is Chaos.” The rock then shared this, “You have not honored your bodies need to have a strong core. The energy [food] you’ve put into your body lately is not in alignment with your body’s natural flora. You cannot expect to align with Nature if you are not honoring your own body’s Nature.”

I couldn’t argue with that logic. So I said to myself, “I commit to aligning with my body’s natural terrain. I will get back to the mat, I will ride my bike more, I will feed myself food that my body needs to be in balance.” Soon after making this commitment I felt myself soften and the energy of harmonization that I have so often felt while in Nature returned to me. I asked that that feeling be imprinted in my mind so that I could call on it later, when I got back to the city and the patterns of functioning that I have found myself in as of late.

We all have a different flora in our bodies. It is so important to find our own flora and honor that. Some people need a lot of cardio, some a lot of yoga, some people are just fine as vegetarians, some people need meat to feel grounded. Finding your own flora balance is a key to living in a chaotic world. I recommit to my own Nature today.

I hope you do too.


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